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Great men of God...

were named Moses... and some were named John
and one was named William...chosen and strong

Meek in heart, never weary in battle
The devil may dance but William never rattles

He walks with authority and speaks in a tone
That beckons Holy Righteousness and shouts never alone

He stands tall in adversity, never looking back
Like a soldier in victory, without any lack

A giver of mercy, a faith that is stout
This hero baptized thousands, with a Holy Shout

Down with the old, bringing up the new
No matter the circumstance, valiant and true

The gleam in his eye, comes from above
His laugh is contagious, his heart full of love

A husband of honor, of tradition not trend
A teller of Jesus, a friend of all friends

If real men love Jesus, then his witness transcends
A holy disciple, a man among men.


copyright December 2000
Janet Horton



On December 6, 2000 Brother William Guthrie,went on to his mansion in heaven. William Guthrie was the head prayer partner at Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas. He was a father to many and a beacon of Christ. His life reflected Jesus in boundless ways and his presence here on earth is already sorely missed.

There are but a few great men in this world, who are a total reflection of the love of Jesus, William Guthrie was one of them. Words cannot express our sadness that he is no longer with us, but we can all imagine the joy of his new body, his new home and his regained physical strength as he walks the streets of gold, resting at the feet of Jesus, giving glory to God, never again in pain and never again with ill health. All of his questions now have answers and he is overflowing with the promises of God as his heart beats of joy and fulfillment.

His saintly wife of 41 years, continues the ministry that Jesus called them to. She is a valiant warrior, sheltered in the Rock, resting in truths of God's Holy Word. I have never seen faith displayed as it is in Barbara Guthrie. Her supernatural walk of peace is not a fascade. She knows, that she knows, that she knows. For she knows, William is not gone from her, he has just moved his place of residence and Ms. Barbara has the address written in her heart, wrapped in the promises of God.