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Penny is an accomplished singer, song writer, musician, and psalmist.

Having been a professional entertainer most of her adult life in country music, God has given her an amazing ability to bring audiences to their feet with her style of country yodeling. In many of her services she uses different styles of music to minister as the Holy Spirit leads.

Since 1978, she has ministered all over the world, and is trained, armed, and ready to go into the places God sends her. You will be challenged, inspired, and encouraged as she shares her incredible testimony of God's love.

There are times when Penny cannot express the depths and the volume of how Jesus has changed her life. No one enjoys teaching and preaching God's Word more. The power of God's melodies can sweep over a room of shackled hearts and hungry worshippers with such volume and precision that Penny has always found letting the Holy Spirit sing through her is the purest expression of God's message for the moment.

There are so many ways we can express the kaleidscope of God's wisdom and His Word. Penny has found the precious Holy Spirit is meant to be followed not programmed. It is her joy to sing His Praises and tell the captives of this world, how Jesus Christ changed her life and set her free from the prison of this world. If you would like Penny to come and share her testimony and hear the wonderful preaching of God's Word and her message in song please email Penny regarding an invitation for your church or ministry.

Penny Baker Ministries
1242 Moorlands Dr.
Tacoma, WA 98405-1100