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For all the days she was with us, her light was ever bright for the cause of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. Her pure heart was a potion for those that are spiritually blind. Her life full of purpose and freedom; shall live on in her children, and those that she loved, without regret.

there are those in this earthly life who give us a holy pause, a memorize in our hearts, their gift of love, paintings of selfless adornment.

Patty's children, left to carry God's voice; will be as mighty warriors, setting captives free, with fervor and annointing, beyond man's limited scope. For Patty knew, in the rhema of her heart, a supernatural peace, a contentment and a vision, some will only understand in time.

Patty has layed down her life for friends... friends she will never meet on this earth, friends who will be changed forever by the preaching of the gospel, friends who will heal the brokenhearted with the gift of salvation; all because of the seed of her children.
Her children live on; to speak Christ, to tell of Holy visions and to give glory to the Almighty, in these latter days.

tears are for the living, and Patty shall never know sadness again, nor pain, nor worry or discomfort. Class is over and she has graduated with honors, with an eternal beginning, walking streets of gold with unspeakable joy and a new Holy address sealed by the Blood of Jesus, the Son of the Living God. We give praise to the Name that is above every heartache, every disease, every hour of loneliness and every roadblock of life, and we give thanks to our mericful God for letting us experience the delight of Patty; her reflection, her life, and her victories untold.